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Subranni Zauber LLC has been practicing New Jersey Bankruptcy Law in South Jersey, Pennsylvania Bankruptcy law, and Delaware Bankruptcy law for over 40 years. If real experience counts when looking for bankruptcy lawyers….Look No Further.

New Jersey Bankruptcy, Pennsylvania bankrtupcy, and Delaware bankruptcy heavily rely upon Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 — they work wonders. For example, under Chapter 7, all credit card debt, personal loans, income taxes (over three years old – see “Q & A”), car repossession deficiencies, and other types of debt are forever forgiven. And, all possessions including bank accounts, cars, pension and IRA plans (in all cases) and real estate are protected from creditors provided the value or equity falls within your “exemptions.” Call to discuss exemptions. If money is owed on a car, the debt can be reaffirmed and the payments continued as if no bankruptcy were ever filed regarding the car.

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